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Highfield Church, Southampton

Client: Diocese of Southampton

Main Contractor: Elliotts Premier Roofing

Duration: 6 Months Date

Completed: 2015

Summary of the Project: Elliotts Premier Roofing to the main contracting lead on this local project to replace the main roof to the building, the spire & steeple.

Client Requirements: This prestigious grade II listed church required all roof areas replaced. The main roof was replaced with reclaimed tiles to keep as much of the original aesthetics as possible. The spire and the steeple required a replacement roof using oak shingles.

Project obstacles: Being a listed and such a prestigious building all the work including all new lead work was completed to an extremely high standard by Elliotts Premier Roofing’s own skilled and experienced craftsmen.

Materials used: Reclaimed clay plain tiles for the main roof, Oak Shingles for the spire and steeple and bespoke lead work throughout.

Abbey View, Farnham

Client: Taylor Wimpey Main

Contractor: Taylor Wimpey, West London

Duration: 26 Months Date

Completed: January 2021

Summary of the Project: This project consisted of 110 units built for both private sale and affordable housing, all for local residents.

Client Requirements: At certain times a quick build programme was required to catch up on time lost due to Covid-19 shutdown time in 2020.

Project obstacles: There was a requirement to match our tiling to the local vernacular style of the traditional Surrey market town where this site was based.

Materials used: This project had a value of over £1million. Over 870,000 Redland Plain Tiles were used to cover the main roofs & were vertically installed on the units.

Project Achievements: Elliotts Premier Roofing were consistently the highest graded subcontractor on this site during the NHBC audits.

Froyle Park, Froyle

Client: Linden Homes

Main Contractor: Linden Homes

Duration: 4 Months

Date Completed: Late 2017

Summary of the Project: Elliotts Premier Roofing completed new roofs on 6 high end detached properties at the entrance of Linden Homes’ new estate in Froyle Park in the idyllic location of Froyle.

Client Requirements: The properties were at the fore front of this new estate and had to be immaculately presented to ensure local residents were happy with the look fo the new development and potential new property owners were interested in buying a home here.

Project Obstacles: This project was a new residential of high end quality however often with a new development time is limited and the Elliotts Premier Roofing team successfully completed superior quality installations on all 6 properties in the short time given

Materials used: The new roofs for these properties along with the porches and dormer windows were installed using Marley Acme Single Camber Roof Tiles in ‘Heather Brown’, the clay used for these tiles is of outstanding quality and treated to last for many years to come.

Snow Drop Place, Botley

Client: Frontier Estates

Main Contractor: Highwood Construction

Duration: 8 Months (including Covid 19 lockdown breaks)

Date Completed: January 2021

Summary of the project: The project was to complete the pitched, tiled roof with Velux Rooflights for this superior 68 bed new build care home.

Client requirements: Originally the project was on a fast track build project but was disrupted by the first and second Covid 19 pandemic UK lockdown.

Project obstacles: All the materials were required to be lifted by crane. However with companies shutting their doors in 2020 the hire cost of the cranes required became prohibitive.

Materials used for the project: Elliotts Premier Roofing were contracted to supply and fix the following materials:

-2300m of Sandtoft 20/20 Clay Tiles

- Velux Rooflights

- Sarnafil Single Ply Terrace

- All required rain water goods.

St Nicholas Church, North Stoneham

Client: Saint Nicholas Church

Main Contractor: RH Hammond

Duration: 3 Months

Date Completed: Late 2020

Summary of the Project: This 15th Century church required work on the three main pitched roofs shown in the image (right). This grade II listed building had very particular requirements to ensure it was in keeping with it’s existing aesthetics.

Client Requirements: All the work carried out on the roof areas had to match the existing tiles and lead work. This prestigious project was completed by Elliotts Premier Roofing’s own highly skilled craftsmen to ensure the work was discrete and flawless.

Materials Used: The tiles used on this project were Phalempin Clay Plain Tiles to blend in with existing roof tiles, standard plain clay tiles were also used for less visable areas and bespoke leadwork was created to ensure a superior finish to the work.

Unique project information: This Church is also known as the one handed clock, the clock, situated on the eastern face of the churches tower, was not an original feature of the church it wasn’t installed until the 17th century and only has one hand to display the time in hours only.


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