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Flat Roofing

We are committed to helping you find your flat roofing solution.
No matter the size and complexity of the job, our experienced and highly qualified roofing specialists can help you from the get-go. If you need advice or tender support, please call us.
Plus, on site, our accredited installers are highly trained and skilful, so you can rely on our high standards for the best installation.
We offer all aspects of flat roofing, so talk to us today if you’re interested in single ply, bitumen membranes, green roofs, liquid systems, sheeting and/or cladding.

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  • Trained and reliable staff, who can provide you with the best advice on a quality and suitable flat roofing solution
  • Highly skilled installers to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard

Single Ply

Single Ply is a complete roof system which is created from synthetic polymer. It works best in a warm roof system, when it can be laid over insulation and secured by mechanical fastening, adhesion or ballasting.

It’s a great option for commercial projects and is equally suited to new builds and refurbs too.

Plus, it has multiple benefits including:

  • Durable
  • Fire retardant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Resistant to solar radiation

As part of the Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA), you can rely on our accredited specialists for installing high performance flat roofing. Call us today!

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Bitumen Membranes

Bitumen membranes are one of the oldest roofing materials used today. Thanks to developments in technology, the product continues to be highly used throughout the roofing world.

It’s used when two or three layers of sheet material are rolled out over the roof and fused together with hot bitumen, creating a single waterproof layer.

It’s a popular option for many residential flat roofs and major roofing contractors. It benefits from its adhesive and watertight qualities and guarantees long-lasting performance.

There’s various ways to apply a membrane, so our trained and dedicated professionals can you talk to you about:

  • Pour and roll
  • Torching
  • Cold applied
  • Self-adhesive

To get our professional support on your latest project, Get in touch.

Elliotts Premier Roofing can install bitumen membranes

Liquid Systems

Liquid applied systems tend to be glass reinforced plastic that is cold-applied to quality plywood or oriented strand board (OSB).

It’s constructed from multiple components that work together to protect the roof and repair any damage.

Pros of choosing this application are:

  • No open flame needed
  • No joints, no seams – it’s fully bonded
  • Easy to apply
  • Limited additional weight to the building structure

Our flat roofing experts can advise you on whether a liquid system is best suited to your roof.

Interested or want to know more? Get in touch.

Talk to Elliotts Premier Roofing about liquid systems

Green Roofs

Protecting the environment is crucial and we’re seeing more buildings and houses adopt a green roof.

Installing a green roof system will help keep the building cool during warm weather by reducing the heat absorption. It’s an eco-friendly way of:

  • Improving the air quality
  • Retaining a high percentage of rainwater
  • Creating a natural habitat for grass, plants, animals and insects
  • Plants and trees provide natural sound insulation

It’s a sustainable option that are our team of experts can help you with. Just pick up the phone and we’ll get you started.

Talk to us about flat roofing today. Call 023 8064 7506 to discuss what will work best for your project.